How to Boost Performance of International Travel Content

Travel Passport
July 5, 2022

Everything boils down to experience and the impression it leaves—especially when you are planning an international vacation with friends or family. If you’re the travel expert behind the screen, it’s what resonates with your viewers before, during, and after their travel that ultimately matters. As you quickly learn when working in the travel industry, your job involves so much more than posting pretty beach trips—you are a storyteller painting a picture of an opportunity to create a memory that will last a lifetime. 

And with competition all around, it’s key to keep your content relevant, personalized, and inspiring, putting yourself above the rest. Let’s dive in to how you can boost your performance as someone creating content in the international travel industry.


As we know, COVID-19 has had a huge impact on travel. With so many domestic and international restrictions, the international traveler is in a difficult position. In the same vein, how does a travel agency stand out from the rest to grab the attention of discouraged travelers? Personalization. 

It seems everyone has travel information to share online, and it’s not always clear whose is the most accurate, trustworthy, or useful. It’s important to go the extra mile when it comes to creating content that differentiates itself from the rest: transitioning the “lookers” to “bookers.” Where can you start? Creating a personalized approach for your audience is the first step. The travel industry is “on the verge of an evolutionary leap, where the relationship between customer and brand is becoming truly real-time and relevant,” according to Deloitte’s travel industry outlook report. Meaning, if you’re able to get yourself in front of your audience at the right time, in the right place, and with content that interests them, you can seal the deal. However, don’t forget that inspiration is an integral part of retaining current customers and inspiring new ones. 

  • Research your demographic: know your people and make sure your content matches their tone.
  • Consider formal vs. informal tone: you are dealing with different cultures, so be aware of the ways you come off, otherwise your audience won’t feel a personal touch. 
  • Know the culture: it’s great to provide the best experience in the specific language, but it’s also important to be familiar with the culture and local customs.

Understanding Environment and Attitudes

Despite the significant challenges, your travel and tourism business has plenty of advantages when it comes to creating content. For one thing, your content has the power to put a world of travel experiences at the consumer’s fingertips in real and virtual settings. However, it’s important to remember, you’re dealing with people who are traveling for many different reasons. So, focus your content experiences around those specific inspirations for a visit. You’ll quickly see how to earn the loyalty of a niche audience that will then make your business grow. 

The right content can make a traveler’s planning process simpler and all the steps in their physical journey easier to manage—especially when it comes to the ways in which you speak to your audience. Travel can cause an abundance of emotions, which makes it important to create a positive environment. Be mindful that travel is fluid and new concerns can arise, such as restrictions, cancellations, and more. Changing your content accordingly and being agile is the best strategy. This will not only ensure your content is relevant but also show your commitment to your trade and the individuals you serve. 
If you consider all of these factors, you can be sure that you're creating content for a truly global audience. If you’d like to discuss your content strategies with a member of our team and create more engaging outreach, please contact us today.

By The TPT Digital Team