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At TransPerfect, we have been working with generative AI and large language models since 2020 with the foresight that AI-generated content would soon disrupt the marketing and language industry. When done right, we believe AI marketing strategies can increase efficiency in content copywriting and workflows.

We integrate AI content marketing where it brings the most value efficiency without compromising quality. Our team of specialists spanning every language and market is uniquely equipped to guide you through the AI revolution in digital marketing.



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AI Content Marketing Use Cases

Product Description Pages (PDPs)

Product Description Pages (PDPs):

AI copywriting can be used to efficiently create and adapt PDPs across multiple languages. How we do this:

  1. SEO strategists conduct localized keyword research to inform AI prompts.
  2. Our team collaborates with you to define the deliverable structures (to inform the AI).
  3. The AI, guided by specific keywords and templates, generates PDPs that are SEO-optimized and tailored to your business goals.
  4. We carry out rounds of continuous improvement to further define the output.
Custom Imagery

Custom Imagery:

When stock images fall short and a live photoshoot is not an option, we can step in with AI image creation for marketing to create custom brand imagery. How we do this:

  1. Start with AI to create a base image aligned with the brief.
  2. Edit the image for any flaws and add additional elements, such as backgrounds, iconography, lighting, etc.
  3. Resize the image as needed for campaign use.
High-Volume/Low-Risk Content

High-Volume/Low-Risk Content

The current state of AI content marketing is great for producing large volumes of content in a short amount of time. Because prompt engineering still requires human research and strategic direction for accuracy, we do not (yet) recommend using AI-generated content for high-priority SEO web pages. Examples of high-volume/low-risk content can include:

  1. AI for meta descriptions, optimized for SEO
  2. AI for content creation of location and/or destination-page metadata
  3. AI-generated content for internal use, such as intranets and customer portals
ROI Opportunity Analyses

ROI Opportunity Analyses:

Quickly analyze large datasets and prioritize marketing investments by ROI. We do this with a combination of open AI solutions connected to available APIs across platforms. Example analyses include:

  1. ROI forecasting
  2. Market prioritization
  3. Competitor analysis (across channels)
  4. SEO keyword strategy
  5. Campaign performance reporting (across channels and platforms)

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We are data-driven and results-oriented. We think before we act, we act in a locally relevant and culturally appropriate manner—skillfully tailoring our performance content to each market—and we continually assess performance to maximize results.

From product descriptions to blog articles and social media posts, data guides our global content production process, delivering tangible results to our clients.


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