CDMP is PM360’s 2021 Pharma Choice Bronze Winner for Best Consumer Website, following successful rollout of Spanish support with the help of TPT Digital.



The Challenge

CDMP produced marketing materials for SK Life Science and needed help increasing brand awareness for their Hispanic audience while maintaining regulatory compliance.

Latin America, Spain

Localizing Advertisements


Improved User Experience

The Solution

CDMP worked with TransPerfect to translate patient pieces, with the goal of providing a better in-language experience for Spanish speakers. The TPT Digital team then worked on optimization and digital support involving in-language SEO, video, and social media services.

The Results

This resulted in a consistent voice and terminology across all Spanish communications and mediums, allowing CDMP and SK Life Science to significantly broaden their audience in the US. Following the successful rollout of all Spanish support, the agency won the PM360’s 2021 Pharma Choice Bronze Winner for Best Consumer Website, and continues to provide an excellent web experience for both English and Spanish speakers




Our agency has been working with TransPerfect for quite some time across multiple brands. They are a trusted, reliable partner who executes asks correctly, on time, and within budget. We’ve always appreciated their willingness to just hop on the phone, sort things out, pivot if needed, and make it happen.

– Lauren Hughes, Group Account Supervisor, CDMP


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