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Crown Equipment increase lead generation, build customer relationships, and improve brand loyalty.



The Challenge

Crown Equipment was looking for a partner who could provide a digital strategy that would strengthen brand identity and drive lead generation in South Korea. In addition, the company was keen to boost conversions by enhancing website user experience through optimization and localization.

South Korea


Kakao and Naver

Content Optimization + Community Management

The Solution

Focusing on two of Korea’s most popular online platforms, Kakao and Naver, our team of experts planned and rolled out an effective display and PPC strategy. Through the use of Kakao Display, Crown Equipment enhanced brand awareness and improved reach through new channels (Naver Blog and KakaoTalk Plus Friend).

The TPT Digital team also adapted and optimized content for Naver Blog and KakaoTalk Plus Friend to further engage the target market. TPT Digital assisted with community management, enabling Crown Equipment to interact with followers and enhance social engagement. 

The Results

Naver Blog posts drove 7% of sales leads and, over the course of two years, PPC generated a huge 567% improvement in sales leads and achieved an 8% lower cost per click.

On Kakao, Crown Equipment saw double the conversions they saw on Naver, presenting a 500% lower cost per conversion. Twenty percent of conversions came from KakaoTalk, a mobile messaging app that is commonly referred to as KaTalk.

More sales leads

Lower cost per click (Naver)

Lower cost per conversion (Kakao)


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