Globalization Partners

TransPerfect delivers translated website in 14 languages and SEO services for Globalization Partners.

Globalization Partners


The Challenge

Globalization Partners needed a localization strategy to support an aggressive international expansion roadmap and promote their unique platform and services in these new global markets.




SEO + Social Ad Copy Adaptation

The Solution

Globalization Partners used OneLink, TransPerfect’s website localization technology, to launch their website in 14 languages, and TPT Digital helped activate this new multilingual presence through a combination of SEO content optimization and social ad copy adaptation.

The Results

By using OneLink technology and working closely with TPT Digital, Globalization Partners saw big increases in localized traffic. In just one quarter, localized traffic increased by 74% and accounted for a total of 8.5% of total global website traffic, up from 3.5% in the previous quarter. In addition, the traffic from these 14 languages now accounts for 13% of all conversions, which highlights the highly qualified traffic visiting the localized sites.

Of Local Traffic Increased

Increase of Total Global Website Traffic

Of Conversions Accounted by the 14 Languages


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