Pan Pacific Hotel Group

Through targeted SEO, TPT Digital was able to help Pan Pacific Hotels Group increase traffic from China's leading search engine, Baidu, by 466%.

Pan Pacific Hotels


The Challenge

In order to expand its reach in China, Singapore-based Pan Pacific Hotels Group needed to optimize its website's pages for Baidu—China's leading search engine.


Improve SEO

Number of pages?

Local Keyword Research

The Solution

TPT Digital’s SEO team conducted a thorough audit of Pan Pacific Hotels Group’s global website and optimized 200 web pages across six properties with local market keyword research and content editing.

The Results

Consequently, traffic from Baidu increased by 466% and time spent per session grew by 1.5 minutes. 

Increase in Baidu traffic

Minutes Increase per Session

Increase of Keywords in Baidu's Top 4


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